Pear Shape

Pear Shape

Leave an impression with one of our dazzling pear shaped chandeliers.  The timeless allure of this style is undeniable.  The most traditional and elegant of all shapes has been updated for today's home and includes way more than the ever popular crystal.  Browse our collection of beaded, mirrored, shell, and crystal chandeliers created by many of the top designers in the industry.

Made Goods Aida Chandelier

Made Goods Pia Chandelier - Gold Lighting Made-Goods-Pia-Chandelier-Gold
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Made Goods Pia Chandelier - Gold


Made Goods Pia Chandelier - Silver


Oly Studio Flower Drop Chandelier


Oly Studio Willow Chandelier


Currey and Company Ibiza Chandelier

Regina Andrew Malibu Chandelier - Blue Lighting regina-andrew-16-1083BL 844717023606
best seller

Regina Andrew Malibu Chandelier - Blue


Regina Andrew Malibu Chandelier - White




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Noir Small Bring Chandelier


Crystorama Rylee Chandelier - Matte Black


Crystorama Rylee Chandelier - Antique Gold


Crystorama Rylee Chandelier - Forged Bronze


Regina Andrew Dior Chandelier - Large


Made Goods Silvana Chandelier - Gold


Made Goods Silvana Chandelier - Silver


Oly Studio Ariel Chandelier


Currey and Company Chanteuse Chandelier


Regina Andrew Capri Chandelier - Abalone

Worlds Away Layla Chandelier - Silver Lighting worlds-away-layla-s 607629028868

Worlds Away Layla Chandelier - Silver


Worlds Away Layla Chandelier - Gold


Gabby Whitney Chandelier - Gold


Gabby Corinna Chandelier

Gabby Skei Chandelier Lighting gabby-SCH-168000

Gabby Skei Chandelier


Gabby Sandra Chandelier


Gabby Neville Chandelier


Feiss Marielle Chandelier


Feiss Beverly Chandelier


Currey and Company Mirador Chandelier




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Regina Andrew Jute Chandelier


Regina Andrew Scalloped Wood Bead Chandelier


Currey and Company Blythwood Chandelier


Regina Andrew Beaded Turquoise Chandelier

Gabby Percy Chandelier Lighting Gabby-SCH-151445 00842728100545
best seller

Gabby Percy Chandelier


Gabby Elaine Chandelier

Gabby Nadia Chandelier Lighting Gabby-SCH-151955 00842728100835
best seller

Gabby Nadia Chandelier


Currey and Company Hedy Chandelier, Cream

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