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Pigeon and Poodle Brisbane Tray

Pigeon & Poodle

Pigeon and poodle is a purveyor of luxury accents for the home and bath. The brand believes that all of the details in your home are just as important as the furniture that fills a room. Every accessory is made and designed with the finest details, whether it’s a sleek and stunning toothbrush holder or a handcrafted canister. Every item you add to your space should elevate it and make it unique.

That’s why Pigeon and Poodle only create pieces that are made with your modern style in mind. Every detail can heighten the look and feel of a room, from a beautifully crafted picture frame to a stunning woven storage basket. The brand sources materials from land and sea and handcrafts each item using natural materials. Nothing is mass-produced, which means that a few variations between products are to be expected.