7 Tips for Choosing the Right Chandelier

When it comes to home lighting, a chandelier is an excellent way to bring bright light and bold visual interest to your home. Before you purchase a new chandelier, there are a few important things to consider when making this important investment. Whether it’s a sputnik, sphere, or drum-style, read on for a list of seven chandelier buying tips to help you choose the right one for your space. These tips will make it easier to decide which chandelier is best suited for your home and your lifestyle.

1. Functionality and Placement

One of the most important chandelier buying tips is deciding how you plan to use the fixture, and where you plan to install or place it. For example, a linear chandelier is a good option if you want to install new lighting over a kitchen island. A cascading chandelier looks incredible in an entryway, while a sputnik design is a unique addition to a living room to add bold, modern visual appeal. Consider how many lights the chandelier has, and make sure that it will produce enough illumination based on your needs. Smaller rooms may only require a petite single tier or sphere chandelier, while larger rooms do better with cascading or linear designs.

Once you choose the silhouette, decide where and how you want to place it in the room. Hang chandeliers with ample space above a dining room table so your guests don’t bump their heads on the fixture when they stand up. Measure the distance from the ceiling to the bottom of the chandelier and install it accordingly. Smaller options are great for ambient lighting, while larger chandeliers with lots of bulbs produce more light for larger rooms. Measure the chandelier’s width to help you find the right size to go over a bed, dining room table, or living room coffee table so it fits nicely within the chosen space.

2. Ceiling Types and Heights

You might not think of your ceiling when it comes to chandelier buying tips, but the height and the angle make a difference as to which style you should choose. Make sure that your new chandelier works for a sloped ceiling if that applies to you. Some chandeliers use a downrod that is adaptable to sloped ceilings so you can change the angle until it hangs straight. For rooms with extremely high ceilings, make sure that the chain or downrod included with your chandelier is long enough. You may be able to purchase additional downrods or opt for a longer chain if necessary so that the light hangs far enough down. A motorized chandelier lift can help you lower the fixture and clean it if the room has extra-high ceilings.

If the room has a low ceiling, remove as much of the chain as possible, or use the shortest downrod. Make sure that the chandelier is properly supported with a ceiling junction box. Pay attention to the weight of your chandelier, too. Larger styles like a multi tier design with lots of crystals may require additional support to keep it secure. When possible, use a chandelier or fan brace that is positioned between your ceiling joints or check with an electrician before installing it. Many chandeliers include a decorative ceiling plate or canopy, or you may need to add a medallion to make everything look seamless.

3. Chandelier Buying Tips: Material and Finish

Chandeliers come in a wide range of styles and finishes to suit your design preferences. Metal is an excellent choice for both modern and traditional homes. New chandelier designs made of natural, organic materials like woven rattan will add a soft, boho-inspired touch to any room. You’ll also find sculptural chandeliers made of resin and designs accented with unique materials like cocoa beads, wooden beads, and even strips of fabric. Explore a variety of shapes, materials, and designs to find one that best suits your home’s unique style.

Aside from the material, it’s also important to consider the finish of your chandelier. Contemporary designs, like many sputnik chandeliers, feature metal details in bold two-toned finishes like black and brass or gold. Colorful chandeliers in fresh shades of blue or modern gray can add a unique element to a room. Of course, you’ll also find classic finishes like white, gold, and brass or black to add a simple component to any space. The key is to choose a chandelier that will add a unique touch without clashing with the rest of the items and finishes in your home.

4. Shade Styles

Just like lamps or wall sconces, your chandelier will likely include a shade to diffuse the light. Keep these chandelier buying tips in mind since the shade will not only affect the style of the light but also how much light it produces. A drum chandelier typically uses a large fabric shade that softens the light and helps to keep it more subtle. Chandeliers with an opal or frosted glass globe can also help to keep the brightness level lower. If you prefer something with a brighter output, consider chandeliers with a clear glass shade, or designs that don’t use any type of shade at all.

Many pear shape chandeliers feature a classic silhouette with candelabra bulbs that sit atop slender arms. Depending on how many lights it uses, this is a good option to bring a bright element into a space. For an elegant touch, install a cascading chandelier over a dining room table. These gorgeous light fixtures tend to produce a downward light that illuminates the furniture and surfaces below. Ultimately, the type of chandelier’s shade will dictate just how much light it produces. Drum shades, frosted or etched glass, and fabric will make light dimmer, while clear glass, crystal, or chandeliers with no shades whatsoever will make the light brighter.

5. Overall Design

The material, finish, and silhouette help to dictate a chandelier’s design. However, these aren’t the only things to consider when choosing a style. For example, a traditional chandelier tends to be ornate and intricate, while a modern chandelier uses clean, smooth lines and fewer embellishments. Choose a lantern chandelier for a hallway to create a minimalist look that can easily be interpreted as classic or modern. A transitional chandelier blends components of modern and traditional design together for a versatile touch.

When it comes to modern lighting, you can’t go wrong with sputnik chandeliers. Featured in a mid-century modern motif, these bold lights are definitely eye-catching and add a dramatic element to any space. You can also find sphere chandeliers for a hallway or bedroom that can bring a whimsical touch to your home. Whether you love coastal, farmhouse, industrial, or contemporary, there’s a wide range of beautiful chandeliers to choose from at Meadow Blu. Narrow down your choices based on size and number of bulbs first, then shop for the chandelier that features the material, finish, and design style you like best.

6. Don’t Forget the Bulbs

The type of bulbs that your chandelier uses plays a significant role in the amount and quality of light in the room. It also impacts how much money you spend on energy costs, especially if you choose a light that uses traditional, older bulbs. Look for chandeliers that use LED light bulbs to help minimize your energy use and carbon footprint. These light bulbs will help to lower energy costs, and they also last much longer than classic bulbs, too. Most LED lights come in a range of sizes, shapes, and wattage. Look at the lumens the bulb produces to help you find the one that’s bright enough for you.

When it comes to choosing light bulbs, an LED light in a warm white color temperature is best for areas like the living room or a bedroom. Bulbs with a bright white temperature is ideal for kitchens, home offices and other workspaces. For a reading nook or study, choose a light bulb that has a daylight color temperature. You may need to experiment with a few different LED bulbs to find the style that works best in your home. Just make sure you read the specifications listed for the chandelier first to ensure that it will take the type of bulb you prefer.

7. It’s All in the Details

When shopping for a new chandelier, it really comes down to the fine details and how you want a room to look. Shaded chandeliers like drum, linear, and sputnik styles bring shape and dimension to a room. A candelabra-style chandelier features elegant, curved arms that delicately house small candle-sized bulbs. This design lends an elegant component to a dining room or living space with a classic, traditional touch. Crystal chandeliers come in a range of styles including modern and classic designs. Look for crystal chandeliers with sculptural details that give the light a contemporary touch.

A lantern chandelier is designed exactly as the name implies: to mimic the look of a lantern for a warm, inviting illumination. Most lantern chandeliers are best in a foyer, dining room, bedroom, or small living area. Linear styles can include a simple frame or they can be ornate and include intricate shades over them. Focus on the many details of the chandelier you like best to ensure that it will work seamlessly in your home. Whether it’s an ultra-modern sputnik chandelier made of metal or a charming pear shaped chandelier adorned with crystals, you’ll find the perfect option for you at Meadow Blu.