Single Wall Sconces

Single Wall Sconces

Wall Sconces are most known for creating coziness and structure to a room.  Our  sconces will set the tone for your interiors, choosing from a wide variety of modern, transitional, or traditional wall sconces.  Brands such as Regina Andrew, Mitzi, Hudson Valley, Worlds Away and more, give you the chance to create your coziness.  Overwhelmed with our beautiful selection of wall sconces, let one of our design experts assist you in the right wall sconce for your room.        
Mitzi Olivia Wall Sconce Lighting mitzi-H223101-AGB 806134847791
best seller

Mitzi Olivia Wall Sconce

Mitzi Belinda Wall Sconce Lighting mitzi-H415101B-OB 806134007195
best seller

Mitzi Belinda Wall Sconce

Hudson Valley Niagara Wall Sconce Wall Sconces hudson-valley-2041-AGB
Buyer's pick

Hudson Valley Lighting Niagara Wall Sconce

Mitzi Stella Wall Sconce - Aged Brass Lighting mitzi-H105101-AGB 00806134835620
best seller

Mitzi Stella Wall Sconce


Regina Andrew Boracay Sconce


Mitzi Mina Wall Sconce


Hudson Valley Hempstead Wall Sconce

Becki Owens Ivy Sconce - Polished Nickel Lighting hudson-valley-BKO100-PN 00806134879037
best seller

Becki Owens Ivy Sconce

Regina Andrew Ariel Sconce Lighting regina-andrew-15-1167PN 844717034039
Buyer's pick

Regina Andrew Ariel Sconce

Regina Andrew Fisher Sconce Wall Sconces regina-andrew-15-1165
Editor's pick

Regina Andrew Fisher Sconce

Mitzi Tara Wall Sconce Lighting mitzi-H116101-AGB 00806134840006
best seller

Mitzi Tara Wall Sconce

Mitzi Reese Wall Sconce - Aged Brass Lighting mitzi-H281301-AGB 00806134880033
best seller

Mitzi Reese Wall Sconce


Made Goods Alondra Sconce

$850.00 - $900.00
Mitzi Ariana Wall Sconce - Aged Brass Lighting mitzi-H375101-AGB
best seller

Mitzi Ariana Wall Sconce


ED Ellen DeGeneres Brianna Tail Sconce


Regina Andrew Bridgeport Sconce


Kelly Behun Perla Wall Sconce


Currey and Company Mali Wall Sconce

Mitzi Tilly Wall Sconce - Aged Brass Lighting mitzi-H121101-AGB 00806134838324
best seller

Mitzi Tilly Wall Sconce - Aged Brass


Mitzi Renee Sconce


Hudson Valley Lighting Jennings Wall Sconce - Old Bronze

Martyn Lawrence Bullard Everley Sconce Lighting corbett-273-11 00782042198388
best seller

Martyn Lawrence Bullard Everley Sconce

Mitzi Ava Single Wall Sconce Lighting mitzi-H109101A-AGB 00806134839192
best seller

Mitzi Ava Single Wall Sconce


Mitzi Kyla Wall Sconce


Mitzi Dylan Sconce

Regina Andrew Camilla Bent Arm Sconce Lighting regina-andrew-15-1119 00844717094613
best seller

Regina Andrew Camilla Bent Arm Sconce

Regina Andrew Hope Sconce Lighting regina-andrew-15-1140 844717030208
best seller

Regina Andrew Hope Sconce

Regina Andrew Bimini Single Sconce Lighting regina-andrew-15-1126 844717096334
best seller

Regina Andrew Bimini Single Sconce


Regina Andrew Auburn Crystal Sconce


Regina Andrew Legend Sconce

Regina Andrew Toni Sconce Lighting regina-andrew-15-1152 844717099496
best seller

Regina Andrew Toni Sconce


Regina Andrew Boundary Sconce


Hudson Valley Graham Wall Sconce

Mitzi Lupe Wall Sconce Lighting mitzi-H285101-AGB 806134880965
best seller

Mitzi Lupe Wall Sconce


Mitzi Lenore Wall Sconce


Hudson Valley Campbell Hall Wall Sconce

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